Causes of Bedwetting in Children & How Can Homeopathy Help?


Bed-wetting in children is a common problem which is normal in infants and toddlers as proper bladder control takes time to develop. It becomes a concern when it is observed in older children aged 4 and above.

Studies suggest that 95% children tend to achieve complete bladder control by the age of four to six years.  Remaining 5% continue to wet the bed at night. Generally, boys show more incidence of bedwetting as compared to girls.

Even though all of us are aware that bed-wetting is an unavoidable part of growing up, it becomes more of a psychological trauma to the child and his parents. Getting up in the middle of the night to wet sheets and then changing them is much of a task for parents. In addition, if the child is old enough to understand, his own behavior embarrasses him.  And so this issue should be addressed in a reasonable manner.

What causes bedwetting?

Bed-wetting in older child is often a manifestation of underlying anxiety that they may be experiencing due to some unfavorable event/ circumstance happening around them. Fearful child who are scared of dark/ghosts also have bed-wetting issues.

Physical causes include urinary tract infections, worm infestation, constipation, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord deformities or deformities in the urinary tract itself.

How do you stop bed-wetting?

  1. In children until 6 years of age, bed-wetting should not be fussed over or turned in to an issue.  As your child grows up, the frequency of bed-wetting keeps reducing gradually. In cases that are physiological, all you need is positive reinforcement.
  2. Encouraging the child to empty his bladder before going to bed is a healthy practice.
  3. Some parents also believe in making the child wake up and go to the washroom around the time he usually wets the bed.
  4. Pediatricians also suggest that reducing the fluid intake post 7 pm in the evening reduces the incidence of bed-wetting in children.
  5. Talking to the child or counselling the child who is old enough to understand is also a very effective measure of controlling bed-wetting.
  6. Parents can also seek the help of ‘reward systems’ which comprise of rewarding the child after every dry night that he spends.
  7. By doing this, it is seen that 99% percent children show amazing results. The remaining 1% who do not show any response are the cases, which have some underlying pathology associated.  These cases need thorough evaluation to ascertain the cause followed by appropriate treatment

Homoeopathy for bedwetting:

Homoeopathic treatment is not only effective in the treatment of bed-wetting but is also helpful in treating the anxiety and guilt associated with bed-wetting in children. Homoeopathic medications help in reducing the frequency of bed-wetting and help in strengthening the bladder musculature as these medications are selected on physical, mental and genetic make-up of the child. Bedwetting treatment in homeopathy is the most effective and holistic mode of treatment.

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