Helping Your Thyroid

The symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are vague and non-specific. People with thyroid disease often present with vague symptoms and that is why the majority of times it remains undiagnosed for a long time. Only if you have thyroid disease will you understand what living with it feels like. Whether it is hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function) or hyperthyroidism (increased thyroid function) – both of them have to be dealt with actively with correct medications, regular investigations and lifestyle modification.

Along with the right treatment, there are a number of things you can do to help your thyroid such as incorporating healthy lifestyle habits in your daily routine. Here are some healthy lifestyle changes which will help you overcome your thyroid woes faster.

Read on:

Learn to manage stress

It is not easy but it is not a herculean task either. Stress makes your thyroid gland perform at sub-optimum levels.  Do all that it takes to de-stress – like reading a good book, yoga, indulging in a hobby or even something as simple as a going for a long walk. De-stressing will help your thyroid gland perform better.

Cut down on gluten and grains

This is advisable especially if you are suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Excess intake of grains and food rich in gluten steps up the inflammatory process in the body. Opting for foods that are nourishing and at the same time gluten-free gives your body time to heal and reduces inflammation.

Avoid raw goitrogenic vegetables

Certain vegetables like kale, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, and turnip are known to suppress thyroid function especially when eaten raw. If you can’t do without these veggies, cooking them before eating is a good option.

Indulge in seafood

Seafood and sea vegetables contain iodine which is extremely beneficial for correcting thyroid function.

Diet Rich in Omega-3

It reduces inflammation and strengthens your immune system.  Omega-3 can be found in foods like meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products.

Vitamin A and D

Increasing the intake of vitamin A and D is beneficial for thyroid function.  Adding cod liver oil supplements to your diet is also known to be greatly beneficial.


Exercise in moderation is known to immensely help thyroid patients. Choosing an exercise regime wisely is important.  One can opt for yoga, brisk walks, Pilates, Zumba, swimming etc.

Add saturated fats to your meals

There are numerous benefits of saturated fats when they are from the right sources. They are known to reduce inflammation and help in nourishing the body.  So do not forget to include butter, oil, and ghee in the right amount in your diet.

Add fermented foods to your diet

Fermented foods contain millions of probiotics as well as many other nutrients that are essential for optimal thyroid function. Make yogurt and buttermilk a part of your daily dietary intake.

Cut down on Caffeine

If you wish to reduce the stress over your thyroid gland it is advisable to cut your daily caffeine intake. No more than one cup of coffee in a day please.

Following the above-mentioned health tips will not only ensure optimum functioning of your thyroid gland but will also complement the thyroid treatment you are taking.

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