Foods for Acidity

Foods for Acidity Heartburn or acidity can make you go crazy! You run from pillar to post and try to find foods for acidity that will give you relief. It can range from a mild to a serious illness. Once you have it, you know what you are dealing with. You start dreading the foods … Continue reading Foods for Acidity


Anger Management for Women

Women, today, are under tremendous pressure all the time. From home management to office issues, from tending to kids to looking after parents, sharing quality time with her partner to counselling a friend over a phone; women always have a lot on their plates. She tries to get an A+ in almost every domain in … Continue reading Anger Management for Women

Common Health Issues in the Elderly

Parents are the anchors of the family. They are the primary care takers and teachers of their children, preparing them for a happy, fulfilling and productive life. In an effort to make fine and capable adults out of their children, parents make many sacrifices and adjustments; do everything within their reach to make sure their … Continue reading Common Health Issues in the Elderly

‘Must-have’ Vitamin Supplements for Men

In their role as ‘man of the house’ men often forget to look after their health. Mortgage payments, car loans, school fees, promotions at work, deadlines and aspirations in plenty – all these things are on their mind constantly. Though they provide for their family lovingly, the stress and responsibility that comes along with it … Continue reading ‘Must-have’ Vitamin Supplements for Men

What to Eat & Avoid in PCOS

A healthy lifestyle involves many choices. Exercise and eating right is always top-most on that list. As every disease condition has a few do’s and don’ts, choosing the right diet plan depending on your health issues is most important. If PCOS is your new-companion these small but important changes in your eating habits can help … Continue reading What to Eat & Avoid in PCOS

Teaching Your Toddlers the ABCs of Hygiene

Toddlers are fantastic at getting dirty. Whether it is playing in the mud with no inhibitions; or splashing colour on everything around while painting; or trying to eat with their hands, nose and ears; or throwing play-doh all over the house! Though extremely messy, these activities are essential for their fine motor development. So, while … Continue reading Teaching Your Toddlers the ABCs of Hygiene

Diabetes: Catch It Before It Captures You!

Many people hear ‘Diabetes’ and think ‘disease-of-the-old-age’, ‘people-over-50’ or ‘my-grand-dad’s-got-it’! But you will be surprised to find out that more and more young adults are developing this deadly disease as early as in their thirties. There has been an alarming rise in Diabetes off late, and it is slowly reaching epidemic levels. The probable reasons … Continue reading Diabetes: Catch It Before It Captures You!