Ten Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Crying?

Every time a baby cries and a wave of anxiety sweeps the entire house. Parents and grandparents - all gather around to soothe the baby. Each one has their own bunch of reasons and interpretations as to why the baby is crying. Mommy says he or she is hungry, granny says its colic and poor … Continue reading Ten Reasons Why Your Baby Could Be Crying?


Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme mood swings which range from mania to depression. Like the name suggests, ‘bipolar’ means ‘two extremes’ - so a person with this mental condition may be extremely happy and ecstatic on some days and be very low, sad and depressed on others. Symptoms: During an emotional … Continue reading Understanding Bipolar Disorder

How to Manage Vertigo

Tiding over an attack of vertigo can be quite challenging. Those who have suffered from vertigo know exactly how distressing it can be! It could happen anytime, anywhere and spin your life out of control within minutes. Vertigo is a term used to describe a sensation as if everything around you is spinning with a … Continue reading How to Manage Vertigo

Andropause : Is it Real?

Is there really something such as ANDROPAUSE? While the phenomenon of ‘andropause’, also known as ‘male menopause’ is debatable, the physical effects of low testosterone are being experienced by men in large numbers these days. In as early as 1944, researchers had identified symptoms in men which were similar to those that women experience during … Continue reading Andropause : Is it Real?

What You Need to Know About Dietary Fibre

Despite being the talk of the town, the importance of fibre still remains unknown to a lot of people. Here is some important information about a dietary fibre you must know: Fibre is that part of food which does not get digested or absorbed in the stomach and passes intact out of the gastrointestinal system. … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Dietary Fibre

Helping Your Thyroid

The symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are vague and non-specific. People with thyroid disease often present with vague symptoms and that is why the majority of times it remains undiagnosed for a long time. Only if you have thyroid disease will you understand what living with it feels like. Whether it is hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function) … Continue reading Helping Your Thyroid

Things you need to know about Sinusitis

If you have suffered a sinus infection before, the thought of it will make you cringe with pain. Headaches, tenderness, and watering from eyes; pain over face especially cheeks; an earache and incessant sneezing with a runny nose are the main features of sinusitis. A lot of people get frequent attacks of sinusitis. They wake … Continue reading Things you need to know about Sinusitis