Winter skin care

Everything you Need to Know about Winter Skincare

Winters are here, there is a nip in the air. Most of us love this weather as it makes us want to be in our favourite blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate and our favourite book. However, winters can be a big issue for most of us. Winters bring dryness with them and can … Continue reading Everything you Need to Know about Winter Skincare

Homeopathy medicine/ Treatment for your Family

Why Should You Choose Homoeopathy for Your Family?

Homoeopathy- the first word it comes to your mind is for treating chronic problems. Or problems that will take a long time to heal. Well we are here to bust this myth today, Homoeopathy Is the most gentle, most natural and the best way to give all your problems a log term solution. Shocked to … Continue reading Why Should You Choose Homoeopathy for Your Family?


World Pneumonia Day & Management of Pneumonia

World Pneumonia Day is observed on November 12 to create awareness about pneumonia.  This is a preventable & treatable disease but may cause death mostly in children below 5 yrs of age. Firstly, let us gain some information about Pneumonia. Our lungs are composed of plenty of elastic air sacs. Pneumonia is an infectious disease … Continue reading World Pneumonia Day & Management of Pneumonia

Festival season stress & depression

Tips for Coping Stress and Depression during the Holiday Season

Have you been struggling with stress or depression?  These have become so common nowadays and may ruin your holidays or affect your health. You can easily overcome this situation by adopting few techniques discussed below that will shed off all your stress & depression. You always find yourself engaged during holiday season. It is often … Continue reading Tips for Coping Stress and Depression during the Holiday Season

Things to know about PMS ( Premenstrual syndrome )

PMS Simplified and Explained!

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is a common condition affecting most of the menstruating women nowadays. Usually PMS manifest itself in the form of abdominal cramps, bloating, headache, migraine & mood swings. In case you find one or more of these symptoms then you might be going through PMS. Globally, about half of the females of … Continue reading PMS Simplified and Explained!

How to take care of your health in festival season

Gearing Up for Festivals- How to Balance Health and Fun

Are you excited for this festive upcoming season? Indian festivals are well known for their traditional swag all over the world. They are full of fun and celebrated with great enthusiasm, decorations, lightnings and delicious sweets &snacks that are too hard to resist. Avoiding such mouth watering food is almost impossible for everyone as this … Continue reading Gearing Up for Festivals- How to Balance Health and Fun

How to become good parents

10 Things Every New Parent Must Know About Their Baby

Becoming parents of a new born baby is a blessing for everyone. It’s a moment of great happiness along with certain responsibilities. Being parents all of us must have made few mistakes unknowingly due to lack of knowledge. Parenting is basically an art which has to be learnt to avoid any mistake related to child … Continue reading 10 Things Every New Parent Must Know About Their Baby

Mental health Day

Mental Health- Let’s Talk Openly

Mental health has been one of the major concerns for people all around the world. Today people are spreading more awareness in creating a positive environment that can prevent individuals especially youngsters heading towards wrong steps. Mental health is a topic that should be discussed openly just like we talk about our physical health, diet … Continue reading Mental Health- Let’s Talk Openly

Post Lockdown Precaution

COVID-19- Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’

“The year 2020 is maybemeant to notachieve new things,but only to appreciatewhat we have”- Anonymous COVID-19 has to be the most unprecedented and critical time for everyone. It has been the most painful situation especially for those belonging to lower socioeconomic groups. Change in the work-place scenario, online learning, a number of precautions while stepping … Continue reading COVID-19- Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’

Pregnancy Related Issue

Homoeopathy for Pregnancy Related Issues

Pregnancy is a journey of its own. A woman has to go through a series of changes in her body as well as mind.  Most of the women have anxiety during pregnancy and slight discomfort during pregnancy is normal. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in every woman’s life and maximum women these days have opted … Continue reading Homoeopathy for Pregnancy Related Issues