Pregnancy Related Issue

Homoeopathy for Pregnancy Related Issues

Pregnancy is a journey of its own. A woman has to go through a series of changes in her body as well as mind.  Most of the women have anxiety during pregnancy and slight discomfort during pregnancy is normal. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in every woman’s life and maximum women these days have opted … Continue reading Homoeopathy for Pregnancy Related Issues

Thyroid disorder in homeopathy

Thyroid Disorders and Homoeopathy

Thyroid disorders have become pretty common these days. Through this blog, let us gain some knowledge about our thyroid gland. It is a small pear-shaped gland located below the neck just behind Adam’s apple. Being the largest endocrine gland in your body, it produces thyroid hormones known as Triiodothyronine (T3) & Thyroxine (T4). The most … Continue reading Thyroid Disorders and Homoeopathy

Suicide Prevention Day

Coping Up with Negative Thoughts- World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention day is a day to create awareness so as to provide global commitment & action to prevent suicides with several activities going on all over the world. Suicide being the leading cause of death has been on the rise over the past two decades. Various initiatives like raising awareness, offering support and knowing what do in … Continue reading Coping Up with Negative Thoughts- World Suicide Prevention Day

Tips to have a balanced diet

National Nutrition Week- Tips to have a balanced diet

National Nutrition Week has arrived which aims to educate people about having a healthy diet & nutrition. Are you still confused how to manage and adopt a healthy lifestyle? National Nutrition Week has been introduced for growing public interest in nutrition & has continued to grow as most of the people in today’s generation have … Continue reading National Nutrition Week- Tips to have a balanced diet

Homeopathy for old age related issue.

Homeopathy for old age related issues

Elderly care is a great subject of concern in today’s life and its foremost aim is to treat and prevent old age diseases,disabilities or illnesses and promote the general health of senior citizens of our society. There are different modes of treatment among which Homeopathy is one of the most frequently used complementary & alternative … Continue reading Homeopathy for old age related issues

Prevention Measures for Malaria

Preventive Measures for Malaria

How many of you like staying home? As for most of the people, the safest and most comfortable place is home where they can enjoy their weekends, meditate, spend time with family and live life the way they want. But, not many realize that one of the biggest trouble for them could be lurking in … Continue reading Preventive Measures for Malaria

Calcium Level improve in body

How to Improve Calcium Levels in the Body

Are you suffering from random aches and pains? Have you noticed that your Calcium levels are low? Then this blog is just for you. Well, you must be aware that calcium is an important mineral not only for healthy bones and teeth but also plays a crucial role in functioning of nerves and muscle tissues. … Continue reading How to Improve Calcium Levels in the Body

Breastfeeding your baby- Myths and Fact

Do you still have queries regarding breastfeeding your baby? You must have gone through a bulk of information out there not only on internet, social media but also gained it through family and friends. But confusion arises where you are unable to distinguish between what is true and what is not. Following are some of … Continue reading Breastfeeding your baby- Myths and Fact

Exercise and health benefits


Do you still need to be motivated for workouts? Well, exercise is something which doesn’t come naturally to everyone. On one hand some people are much passionate for their workout and physique, while on the other, they just don’t pay attention to it. In order to deliver most of the benefits, consistency is must in … Continue reading TOP 10 REASONS TO EXERCISE

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection: Signs and Treatment

Have you ever experienced the symptoms of UTI?  Well, Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common problem nowadays affecting both male and female but it is seen predominantly in females due to short urethra. Basically, it is an infection caused in your urinary tract from microbes. The most common causes of UTI include bacteria, fungi … Continue reading Urinary Tract Infection: Signs and Treatment